Ultrafast Micromachining Workstation

  • Update:Jun 13, 2017
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* Field-proven laser source technology (Model CPA-Series) * Multi-axis positioning system * Beam delivery system * Selection of processing parameters * Class I enclosure * Integrated intelligent on-axis machine vision and inspection system * Motion co

Product Introduction

Over twenty years experience with ultrashort pulse lasers combined with hundreds of real world projects and years of processing knowhow have led to our latest generation of femtosecond micromachining workstations. The Model UMW-Series encompasses everything you need to micromachine with ultrashort pulse lasers. This design benefits from our years of experience learning the optimum combination of components, performance parameters, and software required to micromachine materials with ultrashort pulses of light. The Model UMW Series provides ample space for custom beam delivery and manipulation, and includes a sophisticated machine vision and inspection system, and complete computer control. The software interface provides powerful and intuitive access to all system functionality including the laser, motion, and machine vision systems, and provides advanced intercommunication between them.

Positioning System2:

X, Y Axis   Z Axis  
Max. Travel: 300mm Max Travel: 100mm
Repeatability: 0.5μm Repeatability: 1.0μm
Accuracy: 1.0μm Accuracy: +/-1μm
Orthogonality: 5arc sec Max. Velocity: 5cm/sec
Max. Velocity 5cm/sec    

Vision System:


This product protected under US patent numbers: 5,530,582; 5,572,358; 5,592,327; 5,594,256.

  1. TTL-0,+1 ΔT = 1/repetition rate
  2. Values are for the base system. Other configurations are available upon request.
  3. Resolution is for maximum magnification and depends on focusing objective; FOV is for minimum magnification.